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Screen-free activities kids LOVE!

screen-free fun

Hit the EASY button for making memories and learning through play.

  • Pirate Treasure Hunt Clues
  • Nature Collection Labels for egg cartons
  • Teddy Bear Bandages Letter Matching
  • Woodland Animal Cutting Practice Page
  • Sound Scavenger Hunt for your next walk
  • Cake Play Dough Mats

You get the WHOLE bundle!

"It’s little prep, but so rewarding." - Patrica B.

Kids age 3-7+ LOVE my activities!

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Pirate Treasure Hunt Clues
Nature Collection Labels
letter matching activity
sound scavenger hunt
play dough mats
cutting practice

And grown ups like them too...

"It has fun, creative activities for kids and saves me time/energy! "

- Mary L.

nature treasures collection

"Let's me do fun activities with the kids but without the time of searching for them. It saves me time!"

- Jessica L.

sound scavenger hunt

"They're a fun, easy way to give a child an activity without having to think too hard to put it together ;)"

- Lauren N.

You can be the FUN sitter!

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